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Current version
Version  1.6.3c (07-Jun-05) tar.gz (236K) tar.bz2 (187K)

  Current version is also available from ibiblio archive.

Older versions (tar.gz):
Version  1.6.0c  (25-Sep-99   205.5K)
Version  1.5.3a  (14-Aug-99   180.8K) 
Version  1.5.0  (26-Sep-98  176K)
Version  1.4.0  (6-Jun-98   139K  no  X support)


How to install

First you need to decompress a file. For tar.gz format, just call tar with -xzf parameter followed by file name. To decompress tar.bz2, use bunzip2 -c and pipe the output to tar -xf -. Examples:

                                tar  -xzf  itetris-1.6.3.tar.gz
                                bunzip2 -c itetris-1.6.3.tar.bz2 | tar -xf -

In both cases, this creates a new diretory,  called  itetris-1.6.1 . Change to this directory and follow the instructions in  00-INSTALL.

bzip2 is written by Julian Seward and is available from

My other Linux-based applications.

Only one more of my other applications has a home page. This is Sing-Along Disc Player.   SADP  is not just a CD player. Features convenient control panel, spectum analyser,  oscillator, full-featured mixer. Supports Workman/xcd compatible data base, but stores playlist for each disc. Can retrieve disc information from the Internet: supports several remote CD database protocols.  Can you wish anything more ? If you can, send me an email with your suggestions.

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