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Current version  is  1.0.1

Frac ...  ifrac ... PiFrac

If you like TetrisTM , and looking for a simple way to extend your experience to a new dimension, check this out.  You  probably wouldn't  think of anything easier  (and  more addictive) than packing rectangular prisms  ("3D oblongs") having at least two reebs (sides) of same size, and this is what the game is about !

Originally released in 1990 by Simsalabim Software (Max Shapiro & Per Bergland),  FRAC  very soon became a bestseller in  Mac and MS DOS world and still has supporters all over the world.  For Linux the code was rewritten completely from scratch  with adding 'demo' mode,  256colour support, and more.and  and released in 2000  as ifrac.  Windows part of ifrac (wifrac) appeared in 2001, now  is the time for Palm!

Here are the special features of PiFrac (Palm release of ifrac) :

Other features (inherited from ifrac): No sound support so far !


Standard Version
Standard version
Flipped version
Flipped version
Grey-scale view
Greyscale (4bpp) view
Black-and-white view
Monochrome (B&W) view
HandEra 330
HandEraTM 330



PiFrac standard version (with help  and manual): PiFrac-1.0.1.zip (87K)

Here are the additional releases (the code only, use help and manual from the main package) :
Standard orientation
Flipped orientation
Flipped version, 49K:

No colour support (takes less space on your device), 35K: PiFrac_nocolour-1.0.1.prc.zip PiFrac_nocolour_flipped-1.0.1.prc.zip
Handera 330TM special , 49K: PiFrac_HandEra-1.0.1.prc.zip PiFrac_Handera_flipped-1.0.1.zip


On-line Manual

PiFrac manual:     HTML format       PDF format

World-Wide Score Table

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PiFrac  World  Scores.


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