Download IFRAC Windows version

The game itself does not require any extra libraries, Active X controls, etc. For configuration program, you two additional OCX files (read wifrac manual that coming with the package). For full-screen mode you need MS Direct Draw (a Direct X component) that comes with descent MS systems and available from its side. Tested with Direct X 6.0, but hopefully previous versions up to v3 will also do.

The game was tested on a variety of Windows releases, including

Unfortunately :=) the source code for Windows version is unavailable. The binary file supports World-Wide high score submission.

Current version is 1.3.1c.

Download ifrac-1.3.1c binary and configuration tools

Download ifrac sample music files

The packages are compressed with Linux zip utility, but Windows ZIP decompressors (winzip, pkunzip, winrar, etc) should also be OK. It is recommended to keep wifrac and components in a separate directory (folder).

After you successfully decompressed wifrac, just run it!

To run in full screen mode:

wifrac -fs

To get a list of all command line arguments:

wifrac -help

Information for dummies: to supply command line arguments to a program you either start it from DOS(command line) prompt, or create a shortcut and edit it: consult thick Windows books for more about shortcuts.

Sample music files is just a collection of ABBA songs in midi format. I downloaded it from Vicram MIDIfest (a great site, that unfortunately ceased to exist) several years ago. I like this group enormously, and it is also as a credit to the country-origin of FRAC.

If you uncompress this package to same directory where wifrac is kept, and have a MIDI driver for your sound card installed, you should enjoy the music straight away. Later on you will be able to change the list of files or use several lists - the game allows to!

Don't hesitate to contact me in case you have (or don't have!) and problems.



Maintained by Michael Glickman